From nature, straight to your table.

 We are a family of farmers. We have always been passionately dedicated to lovingly cultivating our land in the heart of the Berici Hills.

Ours is a story of working in the fields, sowing and harvesting and respecting the seasons. We work our land with an ethical, responsible approach to produce only quality fresh, wholesome products.

We have always practised sustainable agriculture and over time we have created the “Naturello production chain”, a genuine short supply chain where plants are grown at 0 km, making the most of the earth’s resources.

Today Naturello is a company that cultivates 500 hectares of its property, produces about 24,000 tonnes of processed vegetables on a farmed area of 75,000 square meters.

It produces semi-finished and vegetable-based finished products for industry, retail and food service. It is responsible for the cultivation and processing of vegetable raw materials and is one of the main European producers of basil and onions. It specialises in the production of pesto alla genovese, one of the best-loved Italian specialities in the world.

Naturello supplies a wide range of recipes around the world that are based on products from the vegetable garden and the field.